The Slovenian Australian Academic Association (SAAA) is happy to announce the winner of the SAAA Student Travel Grant Slovenia 2019. SAAA grant selection committee selected Tanya Jones as the recipient of the 2019 grant.

Tanya will attend the 38th Summer School of Slovene Language 2019 held at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana in the capital city of Slovenia. Tanya will be awarded 2,000 EUR to contribute to the expenses associated with travel, accommodation and/or other related costs.

The grant is supported by the Office of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for Slovenians Abroad.

All applications this year were very competitive, and we would like to thank all the applicants for their submissions as well as for their passion for Slovenian language and culture.

Tanya is a first-generation Australian with one Slovenian parent, and an extended family still living in Slovenia. Currently, Tanya is nearing the end of her Bachelor of Music degree at the Queensland Conservatorium at Griffith University with a major in composition. Her long-term goal is to pursue becoming a Doctor of Philosophy, specialising in Applied Ethnomusicology. She is working toward undertaking her PhD at the University of Ljubljana.

The Slovenian Language Summer School will assist Tanya to not only strengthen her Slovenian language skills, but also to gain deeper understanding of Slovenian culture. Tanya’s trip to Slovenia will help her achieve her personal and professional goals.

We believe that The Slovenian Language Summer School will not only help Tanya in her career, but will also enable her to contribute back to the community around her.

We wish Tanya all the success in the course and travels and look forward to hearing more about her experiences in Slovenia. The interview with Tanya will be published on upon her return from Slovenia.

SAAA Student Travel Grant Manager
Dr Ziva Vuckovic Mueller