Board Members

Dr Kaja Antlej, Senior Lecturer in Industrial Design, School of Engineering, Deakin University

Professor Boštjan Kobe, School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, University of Queensland

Nina Becejac, Recovery and Resilience Officer at Department of Fire and Emergency Services, Western Australia Department of Fire and Emergency Services

Anna Tait, Finance Manager, Best Practice Certification

Dr Maša Mikola, Research and Policy Coordinator, Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health, Casual Academic, RMIT University
Neza Muzic de Vries, Master of Fashion (Entrepreneurship)
Manca Ogrizek, Multimedia Designer, Current masters of IT (software development), Central Queensland University
Dr Jurij Karlovsek, Lecturer, School of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology, University of Queensland
Prof. Dr Aaron Hermann, International Fellow, Law School, The University of Adelaide; Visiting Research Fellow, Adelaide Medical School, The University of Adelaide; Visiting Professor, Helsinki School of Business (Slovenia)
Andrej Korpar, International Entrepreneurship Trainer, Entrepreneurship Movement Club EMC (Slovenia)