SAAA Conference 2017: presentations

Professor Zlatko Skrbiš

President, University of Ljubljana Global Alumni and Associates Network (SMUL) & Vice-Provost (Graduate Education, Monash University)

KEYNOTE: The future of international collaboration in education and research

Contemporary education and research are intrinsically global endeavours. Education is rapidly becoming one of the key means of global population mobility and the number of international students studying abroad is rapidly increasing: from 1.3 million in 1990 to 5 million in 2014. Australia is among one of the key destinations for international students with over 700,000 students studying here in 2016 across all sectors (mostly universities).

In research, quality and impact directly correlate with global networks of excellence which enable productive cross-pollination of knowledge and talent. The future of both research and education is in the development of effective and purposeful networks and relationships which effectively cross boundaries.

How can this help us assess opportunities for Slovenian – Australian university collaborations?


Professor Zlatko Skrbiš holds undergraduate degrees in philosophy and sociology of culture from the University of Ljubljana and a PhD in sociology from Flinders University. His research spans the areas of migration studies, social theory and life-course studies. He is the author of numerous papers which appeared in some of the key international journals. His recent books include Cosmopolitanism: Uses of the Idea (2013, with Woodward), The Sociology of Cosmopolitanism (2009, with Kendall and Woodward) and Constructing Singapore (2008, with Barr; Arabic translation in 2013).

Zlatko is Vice-Provost (Graduate Education) at Monash University. His portfolio responsibilities include coursework and research graduate education onshore and offshore. Before joining Monash in 2013, he was Dean of Graduate School at The University of Queensland. He was previously the convener of the Universities Australia Council of Deans and Directors of Graduate Research. He held prestigious fellowship appointments at The University of Warwick (2008) and The University of Manchester (2010). He is an Honorary Monash-Warwick Professor and Honorary Professor in Sociology at The University of Queensland. He is also the inaugural president of University of Ljubljana Global Alumni and Associates Network.


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