SAAA Conference 2017: presentations

Assistant Professor Dr Ivan Jerman (VIDEO)

Head of Coating development group, Department for Materials Chemistry, National Institute of Chemistry in Slovenia

Materials for renewable energy harvesting

Renewable and non-polluting technologies can substantially contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide. Development of materials with increasing energy efficiency and long-term performance is a challenge of practical relevance. In this contribution materials for: concentrated solar power (CSP), dye synthesised solar cells, electrochromic windows and finishes for textile, developed in Department for Materials Chemistry at National Institute of Chemistry Slovenia, will be presented shortly. Highlighted will be high solar absorptivity coatings materials (aS>95%), with high longevity, for central tower technology, which were developed on the requirements of leading CSP industry partner. Modification of the pigments is crucial for dye synthesised solar cells and for electrochromic windows application. Presented approach increase dispersability and efficiency. Furthermore, low surface energy additives developed at NIC play important role on absorber coatings or textile coatings as self-cleaning additive, passive antimicrobial coatings or easy to clean surfaces. Presented topics can be the basis for future collaboration.


His research interest are: High solar absorptivity coatings for concentrated solar power, spectrally selective paint coatings for flat plate collectors, synthesis of polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes; sol-gel, thin films; modification of pigments for spectrally selective paint coatings; textile finishing; surface treatments and nanocoatings. He published over 100 publications including 44 refereed scientific papers in the international journals with impact factor. He is co-author of 6 patents (two sold to AlanodSolar (DE)).


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