SAAA Conference 2017: presentations

Neza Muzic de Vries

Master of Fashion (Entrepreneurship)

Universities on both ends, further collaboration and socialising

Coming from her own experiences in studying at Universities from both countries, Neza talks about the differences and similarities between the two; University of Ljubljana and RMIT in Melbourne. From the sizes of classes to relationships with the teachers and professors, there is also the difference in the amount of teamwork and group assignments. Today there seems to be more opportunities for engagement and cooperation between the Universities of the two countries, this is something that should be bolstered. The scholar’s experience in the visiting country could even be expanded to organised internship programs or simply promoting the international internships between the two countries. Neza also highlights examples of Slovenian businesses that are currently present in the Australian market in the field of textiles and fashion, and elaborate on where she sees most opportunities for international collaboration. Last but not least, she also invites you to join her Slovenian Barbecues she holds to meet, socialise and network with the new generation of Slovenians in Melbourne.


Born in the capital of Slovenia, Neza studied Fashion and Textile design at Ljubljana University before moving to Melbourne, Australia. Soon after arrival she interned with several Melbourne fashion brands, including Alpha 60. After experiencing the differences in the scale of the industry between the two countries, she decided to study Master of Fashion Entrepreneurship at RMIT. Neza is also eager to connect with the new generation of Slovenians in Melbourne, organising smaller social events via Facebook, to network and share experience with fellow Slovenians in Australia. She is interested to develop and further engage in business partnerships between the two countries.


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